IBC 2008 Scientific Programme

Disclaimer: This is the Final Programme, as at 20 June 2008.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Session 10a: Invited Session: Modelling infectious diseases: contact patterns, genetic information, design, prediction and control
Chair: Tom Britton, Stockholm University, Sweden
Session Organisers: Tom Britton, Fred Gould, Troy Day, Mark Aerts, Ziv Shkedy

Estimating Vaccine Effectiveness when there are Sub-clinical Infections
Niels Becker, The Australian National University, Australia

Individual Heterogeneities and Directly Transmitted Infections: Effects and Estimation
Paddy Farrington, Open University, United Kingdom

From Infection Cycles to Pathogen Phylogeny
Jacco Wallinga, RIVM, Netherlands

The Tempo and Mode of Evolution of Transposable Elements as Revealed by Molecular Phylogenies Reconstructed from Mosquito Genomes
Claudio Jose Struchiner, FIOCRUZ, Brazil

Discussant (Gianpaolo Scalia Tomba)

Session 10b: Invited Session:Statistical analysis of proteomic data
Chair: Jenny Barrett, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Session Organisers: Jenny Barrett, Somnath Datta and Kimberly Sellers

Analysis of 2D Gels: A Global Approach
Francoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, Georgetown University Medical Center, Lombardi Comprehesive Cancer Center, United States

Bayesian Methods for Proteomic Biomarker Discovery using Functional Mixed Models
Jeffrey Morris, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, United States

Pre-Analysis Processing of Mass Spectra: The Key Element for Protein Market Discovery
Yutaka Yasui, University of Alberta, Canada

Statistical Methods for Diagnosis and Pattern Classification for Proteomics Mass Spectra
Bart Mertens, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands

Discussant (Chris Holmes)

Session 10c: Special Session: Gosset centenary
Chair: John Hinde, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Session Organisers: Irish Statistical Association (John Hinde)

Student's z, t, and s: what if Gosset had R?
James Hanley, McGill University, Canada

The Trial at Kalamazoo
Stephen Senn, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

GUINNESSOMETRICS: William Sealy Gosset and the Economic Foundation of 'Student's' T
Steve Ziliak, Roosevelt University, United States

Student and Statistical Inference
David Cox, Nuffield College, United Kingdom

Session 10d: Analysis of Genetic Association Studies
Biostatistical Aspects of Genome-Wide Association Studies
Andreas Ziegler, Universit├Ąt zu L├╝beck, Germany

Marginal SNP Effects
Matthew Sperrin, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

On Using Prior Information to Improve Power of Genome-Wide Studies: Weighted P-Value Versus Stratified False Discovery Control
Yun Joo Yoo, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, Canada

A Non-parametric Bayesian Model for Meta-analysis of Genetic Association Studies
Maria De Iorio, Imperial College, United Kingdom

Shared Genetic Association between a Disease and a Quantitative Trait Evidence for a Common Causal Variant?
Vincent Plagnol, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Analysis of Gene-Gene Interactions for the Genome-wide Association Studies
Taesung Park, Seoul National University, Korea, Republic Of

Meta analysis of Genetic Association Sstudies with Different Sets of Markers
Claudio Verzilli, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom

Session 10e: Statistics in Medical Research II
Supremum Weighted Log-rank Test and Sample Size for Comparing Two-stage Adaptive Treatment Strategies
Abdus Wahed, University of Pittsburgh, United States

Evaluation of the Local Lymph Node Assay Using Simultaneous Confidence Limits for Ratio's-to-control: Proof of Safety and Proof of Hazard
Ludwig A. Hothorn, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Predictors of Quality
Tina Boussard, Stanford University, United States

Weighted Estimation in Cox Regression - An Update
Michael Schemper, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Using Generalized Additive Models and Neural Networks to Predict Mortality in Intensive Care Units
Ana Luisa Papoila, Faculty of Medical Sciences, New University of Lisbon, CEAUL, Portugal, Portugal

Semi-competing Risks Approach for Intermediate Events
Nuria Porta, Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya (UPC), Spain

Real-Time Monitoring of Progression Towards Renal Failure in Primary Care Patients
Ines Sousa, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Session 10f: Models in Biomedical Research
Superiority inferences on individual endpoints following non-inferiority testing in clinical trials
Ajit Tamhane, Northwestern University, United States

The Impact of Dietary Fat on Blood Lipids: Hierarchical Models for Meta-analysis of Dietary Trials
Jemma Hopewell, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Estimation of Gene-Environment Interactions Using Mixture Regression Models with Non-Susceptibility
Chen-Hsin Chen, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Province Of China

Investigating Interactions in Multivariable Model-building with Continuous Covariates
Willi Sauerbrei, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany

Approximated Likelihood Method for Semiparametric Regression Models with Measurement Error
Sachiko Tanaka, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Alternative Regression Models for Assessing Lung Cancer Risk on Residential Radon Exposure: A Case-Control Study Conducted in Worcester County, Massachusetts
Richard Thompson, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States

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